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Shadow Projector

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Product Description

JAMIJEMI – Shadow story projector to develop children’s vision and imagination


Please take your beloved children to the kingdom of dream and fantasy in a magical way. Once you simply put ‘Shadow Story Reel’ into the projector, your children will fall in love with the imaginary world. It stimulates and encourages children’s imagination while listening to our creative stories.



The fantastic bedtime stories read by mom and dad helps to build strong parent-child relationships and your child will start to travel to a land of endless dreams.


-      JAMIJEMI – Story play equipment with shadows –



Imaginary story that parents tell

JAMIJEMI develops children's imagination and creativity by telling stories with various shadows to curious children. JAMIJEMI brings out the unique music according to various 'Shadow Story Reel' and plays the effect sound according to each shadow.

Children can create stories at will, learning letters, and sleeping while listening to the story from their parents.


Imaginary story telling at bedtime and enjoy alone in dreamland

Bedtime story telling is always a moment of special bond between parent and child. JAMIJEMI further enhances these experiences makes waiting for bedtimes and enjoyable. It stimulates imagination and interest that makes easier to learn letters and experience the world of fantasy.


The reason is simple. Just show the shadows and tell the story. Children are curious, have a lot of questions, and love to hear stories. The same shadow, but you can tell different stories every time. Hear a sound in the shadow. If you see a tiger shadow, you will hear a tiger sound. If you see a dinosaur, you will hear a dinosaur sound. It is not difficult. Just plug in a story reel that contains a shadow, but it automatically comes up with music and sound effects that match the shadows. The children look for JAMIJEMI first and expect to be read in bed. Both parents and children wish and wait for having time with JAMIJEMI.

Reading the story to the children stimulates the imagination and activates the creativity of the brain. JAMIJEMI helps us develop creative intelligence by starting to visualize the words we are reading..

It is a picture that can be approached more easily than letters. Showing objects in a shaded form gives children a richer experience than reading a book. The book has not changed much since letters were invented and books were made. Digital books based on smartphones and tablets were the biggest changes. But these digital books have little impact on our children's imagination or creativity and rather they cannot easily fall asleep with glare and electromagnetic waves which is unhealthy.

JAMIJEMI is designed to narrow the gap between traditional books and digital books, stimulate
your child's imagination and creativity, and explore ways to create an intimate bond with your parents.


JAMIJEMI has many fun and magic features built in to provide an amazing user experience for both children and parents.


***************************** How to use *****************

1) The use is very simple.

JAMIJEMI is designed to be easy to use. Just plug in 'Story Reel' and you can talk with your child while watching the shadows.


2) You can adjust the black and white shadows.

We could have made the color picture shine, but we chose black and white shadows. It is because we believe that we can develop more sensitivity and imagination. You can adjust the brightness of the shadow and it is designed to adjust the focus so that you can see the shadow clearly according to the distance of the wall or ceiling.


3) Sound effects that make the story richer and immersive:

Each shadow contains a special sound that will enrich the story. There are two sounds. There is background music for each story reel, and there are eight shadow sound effects included in "Shadow Story Reel". If you put 'Shadow Story Reel', background music will come out and you can hear the effect sound according to 8 different shadows. When the tiger shadows appear, the cry of the tiger comes out, and when the fox shadows appear, the fox sounds. This effect can be triggered automatically or manually at the speed of the story. You can add more shadows to make sounds more realistic and fantastic. The size of the sound is designed to be adjustable.


4) Auto Shadow Story Detection

No matter what 'Shadow Story Reel', just insert 'Shadow Story Reel' into JAMIJEMI and it automatically recognized what kind of shadow story is, and the background music and effect music corresponding to it are played.


5) Shadow story reel:

'Shadow Story Reel' is very diverse and endless. It can be an old story, a fairy tale, a history story, or a learning letters and it could be educational shadows.

The new 'shadow reel', which is not the default 'Reel of Shadow', can be purchased easily from 'JAMIJEMI' website. Have fun choosing with your child what kind of 'shadow story' you want your child to hear. 'Shadow Story Reel' can be purchased separately.


6) Bluetooth Speaker

Another feature of "JAMIJEMI" is the Bluetooth speaker. When you are not with your child, the parents can listen to music that suits your taste.


7) Charging function

The mobile phone charger is designed to be easy to charge and use anytime and anywhere. It is economical and useful because it can be used for more than 10 hours with one time charge.


8) Flashlight function

"JAMIJEMI" provides a flashlight with a brightness of 100 lumens. It is designed to be easily used as a flashlight in dark night or emergency situations.

The brightness of the light can be adjusted.


9) Function to tell by light

When the 'shadow play' is ready, it informs you with a white light. If the battery needs to be recharged, the "red" light will tell you that it needs to be recharged, and the "green" light will tell you when the recharging is complete.

When connected to a Bluetooth speaker, the blue light flashes to indicate that it is ready.


**** Composition of JAMIJEMI ***



l  Shadow Reel


l  Shadow Reel inserted JAMIJEMI



** JAMIJEMI presents the imagination to children from 1 to 7 years old. Only 30% of parents read books to their children every night. Children listen to stories and travel to their own imaginary country. 50% of parents watch their children watch TV or enjoy video games rather than reading books. "JAMIJEMI" allows both children and parents to have fun.

There are "JAMIJEMI" and other play equipment for children, but it is nothing more than seeing the video that the child has just set up rather than participating in the story.

JAMIJEMI is designed mainly for parents to tell the story to their child, so it develops an intimate bond with parents and children. Of course, child can play with his own story while watching the shadow alone. This is the goal of our imagination and creativity.

When a child imagines a story by looking at the shadow with a curious eye, it will inculcate to a child with plenty of dreams that books, TVs or other video devices cannot.


JAMIJEMI started by chance after I watched a shadow performance with my child. My child was had lot of fun when I showed the rabbit and eagle shadows I made by my hands, and I wanted to show more shadows with both hands. But the shadows that I could do with my hands were limited, and I rolled a paper for my beloved child and showed it on the wall, but this was not a step to show the shadows in abundance.

I have looked through lots of data related to these shadows or images through various paths, but it is not a method to imagine myself, but a way to show a story that has already been made, a portable image of a TV or a tablet, and the price was very expensive too.

At this time, I thought of a toy that looked at the film with a small hole, and imagined a shadow projector based on it. What I mainly do is to design, manufacture and sell a flashlight and the light and shadows were a combination of fantasies. However, it was another challenge to clarify the shadows that was difficult to implement with the skill of lighting and the technique of shadows. After studying and experimenting with various lenses, we finally came up with images that fit our purpose.

When I showed my nephew a prototype, he was very interested in it and he followed the shadows. Even my 7-year-old nephew made his own story by shining a dinosaur shadow, and it was fun. I wanted to make the way to that path, thinking that there is an imaginary country that adults cannot think of to children.

The equipment should be simple to use, and I designed the background music and sound effects corresponding to the shadows automatically play when ‘Shadow story reel’ inserted, because I think it will be able to make richer story.

If you tell a story to listen like a lullaby when you put your child to sleep or an old story told by grandmother that could make open child's imaginations when you are with a child, the intimacy with your child will be even higher and emotional stability can be brought in.

Children have a lot of curiosity and ask questions. Talk about the curiosity of the child with the shadow story and look for the answer to the question. The story is not fixed and the answer is not fixed. By talking with your child is already you got the answer.


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